Day: August 29, 2011

The (Real) First Day of School: Six pieces of advice from your teacher.

I would imagine that every year no matter how much time I put in over the summer, I will feel a bit unprepared as the first day of school approaches. I also know that there are 210 7th graders that are probably feeling just as uneasy and nervous as I am. I am rereading some of Harry Wong’s First Days of School. Which, I am sure will become a yearly habit, thinking about what kids want…. and need to know on the first day of school.  Here is his list. • Where am I supposed to sit? • Who is the teacher as a person? • Will the teacher treat me as a human being? • What are the rules in this classroom? • What will I be doing this year? • How will I be graded? As simple as these questions sound, they can be terrifying to a new student in a school full of 1450 kids. The funny thing is, there are 500 other scared seventh graders wondering the same things. My advice for the first day: Don’t stress about the small stuff. Millions of students have gone through the public education system and figured out how to open their locker. Make a good impression for everyone. I’m not saying be fake, just put your best foot forward. Pay attention. A lot of policies and procedures will be...

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