Day: September 9, 2011

The top five books or series for boys…right now

Read Time 10-12 Minutes   Those reading this post will probably attest and confirm the difficulty with finding good books for boys. As a teacher, and father of five boys this problem is on my mind constantly. How do I get boys to read? I am not saying that I do not have hesitant girl readers, but the hesitant boy readers consistently outweigh the girls. The following list is what I think are the most popular books or series that are available for boys to read at this current time. Apologize the list didn’t show up… I will finish and repost tonight   Mike Lupica Books I love that Mike was a sports writer before writing books for young adults. I am a sports fanatic and aspiring writer. Here is his bio- Mike Lupica is one of the most prominent sports writers in America. His longevity at the top of his field is based on his experience and insider’s knowledge, coupled with a provocative presentation that takes an uncompromising look at the tumultuous world of professional sports. Today he is a syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News, which includes his popular “Shooting from the Lip” column, which appears every Sunday. He began his newspaper career covering the New York Knicks for the New York Post at age 23. He became the youngest columnist ever at a New York...

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