Day: September 21, 2011

100 Questions To Ask Your Child To See If He or She Is Comprehending Text

  I won’t get into all of the details of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but here are six different levels of questions that students are working through. When your student gets done with an assignment/reading they should be able to answer some of these questions based on where they are in their education. I don’t feel that this is an end all be all list, but even going through ten of these questions will give you a good idea of where your student is at. Students can be at different levels, for different subjects, and different assignments. These are from Bloom’s Taxonomy. HEre is the list. We will use Peter Pan the Disney movie for our example. 1: Knowledge Exhibits previously learned material by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers. who, what, why, when, omit, where, which, choose, find, how, define, label, show, spell, list, match, name, relate, tell, recall, select What is …? How is …? Where is …? When did _______ happen? How did ______ happen? How would you explain …? Why did …? How would you describe …? When did …? Can you recall …? How would you show …? Can you select …? Who were the main …? Can you list three …? Which one …? Who was …? For basic comprehension or level one (1) students should be able to answer the above questions. Who...

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