Day: November 10, 2011

NANOWRIMO Pep Talk from Beth Revis, a former teen writer

Dear Wrimo, I have a confession to make. Ahem. My name is Beth Revis, and I was a teenage writer. I know. Not a big deal, right? You’re probably a teenage writer, too.  And if you’re signed up for NaNoWriMo, you’re probably just as serious about writing as I was. Perhaps I should back up. Ahem. My name is Beth Revis, and I was a cowardly teenage writer. I wouldn’t have called myself a coward then, of course. I thought I was rather brave, to stay up late at night, writing stories and learning about publishing and chasing my dreams. And yes, there is a certain courage involved in actively pursuing your dreams (which means, merely by signing up for this event, you’re already on that path of bravery). But in the way I actually wrote? I was a coward. My first novels, the ones I wrote during my teen years, were terrible. And I know this because I wrote them in a chicken-hearted, yellow-bellied, gutless sort of way. How was I a coward? Simple. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I was old enough, experienced enough, talented enough—good enough—to write. So I tried to write like other people. I tried to be a Proper Writer. I looked up how other writers—Proper Writers—wrote. They had schedules, outlines, Post-It notes, and colored pens. I never liked writing on a schedule, with an outline, using...

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