Year: 2012

Happy New Year! My Challenge To You!

I talked about this a little bit on the day we left for break, but wanted to mention this again.  We get a chance to look at our lives three times a year. I mean a really good look. On our birthdays, at the beginning of the school year, and New Year’s.  I just want each of you to pick one thing to work on. Write it down. Put it some place where you can see it often. It doesn’t have to be big or amazing. However, it needs to be important.  It needs to be very specific. For, Example “I want to have no missing assignments this term,” as opposed to “get better grades”. There are some of you that will really need to get inside your head to makes these goals. I suggest sitting somewhere quiet for ten straight minutes something will come. You guys Rock! Here is mine. I want to say ten heartfelt and meaningful “thank you’s” a day. I want to give a specific reason for those “thank you’s.” Not just a thank you to the lunch lady or student’s as they walk out the door, but a specific, “Thank you for your great question or comment in class today. I appreciate it.”  ...

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