Day: March 30, 2013

1984 Book Review

This is my third time reading/listening to this book. It is on my top ten all time list as well. Lexile 1090—You will need a dictionary. Trust me. Genre- Science Fiction–Dystopian Novel Author- George Orwell Pages 326 Published 1949 This novel is brilliant. It is a satirical, dystopian look at the world in 1984 (remember it was written in 1948) had Communism prevailed. In a fictitious city called Oceania, the government prevails over everything: thoughts, love, food, jobs, security, war, news ect. The main character Winston Smith is starting to have second thoughts about everything. His job at Minitrue is as a historical revisionist, or someone who rewrites history so that it matches with what the governments says or is currently saying. Winston falls in love, which is forbidden, and eventually gets found out by the thought police. He is tortured and brainwashed into telling everything he knows. I don’t like spoilers so I will leave it at that.  Highly recommend this book. Very thought provoking, and is one of those books that gets better with time....

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