Day: April 4, 2013

7th Grade Science Fiction Books

100 Science Fiction Books for Seventh Graders. 880L Short Circuits by: Gallo, Donald R.Prepare to be jolted . . . electrified . . . zapped. Here are thirteen hair-raising … Pages: 224 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9780440218890 880L One Day in the Tropical … by: George, Jean CraigheadToday is doomsday for a young Venezuelan Indian boy’s beloved rain forest and its animal life-unless … Pages: 80 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9780064420167 880L Build a Room Alarm and … by: Markle, SandraPages: 64 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9780439444323 880L Rock Factory, The by: Bailey, JacquiDescribes how stones form inside the earth, work their way to the surface, and eventually are … Pages: 32 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9781404815964 880L Mining by: Love, Ann; Drake, JaneThis book from the America at Work series introduces young children to the people, machines and … Pages: 32 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9781550745085 890L High Wizardry by: Duane, DianeWhen her younger sister uses the family computer with its special wizard software to travel to … Pages: 352 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9780152012410 890L Party Time, All the Time! by: Gonzalez, SueClub Penguin throws at least one themed virtual bash each month, and kids can log on … Pages: 64 | Ages: 8 to 11 Create a New Reading List ISBN13: 9780448454566 890L Big Rock, The by: Hiscock, BruceThis is the story of a very old rock. The “‘big rock”...

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