Day: May 6, 2013

How to show Appreciation for Teachers

As you have probably heard from your elementary or middle school age kids, this upcoming week is teacher appreciation week. As a teacher and a parent I have a difficult time with this time of year. Most teachers, including myself, don’t like to be put in the spotlight. A lot of the time, teachers will defer to another teacher or to our students when praise is given. For the most part teachers don’t get to see the end result of their work. We have students for a year, and see some for a few years after that, but we don’t get to see where students end up in the real world i.e. college, military, nurses, doctors, inventors, moms, dads, athletes ect. I challenge both parents and students to contact an old teacher through email or phone and let them know where you are now. It will mean so much to them.  I learn so much from your kids. I love all of them and truly wish the best for each of them.   As a parent, how do I show appreciation to the men and woman who teach my children on a daily basis.  While they teach my boys how to read, to write, the alphabet, adding/subtracting, colors, shapes and a million other academic skills, they also teach them about life. A teacher, a good teacher I should say, encourages...

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