By now, most of you know that I will be returning to SRMS to teach ninth grade. This is after a year adventure in Texas, where my family and I learned a lot about what we really want, and what makes us happy. I have been informed that I will be teaching four sections of Honors LA, and two sections of regular LA. While the schedule is not set in stone, it is 100% positive that some of you will have me as a teacher for the second time, and others for the first time. Either way, I am excited to get back into the classroom and meet all of you.

I am currently working on lesson plans, and doing my best to “catch up” with the amazing work that has been put together by the current 9th grade teachers. Once again, writing will be a huge focus this year, especially for the students who are taking AP Geography. I plan to integrate technology where I can, including this website. I will continue to share my love of books/reading every chance I get. I should have a syllabus and full year outline uploaded and available sometime near the end of July.

I count my self lucky that I get to return to such a fantastic school with amazing kids and parents who care so much about education. If you have questions you can always email

Until then keep reading…

Mr. Campbell