Author: Spencer Campbell

The Secret Miracle by Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges  The Secret Miracle    And God made him die during the course of a hundred years and then He revived him and said:  “How long have you been here?”  “A day, or part of a day,” he replied.  – The Koran, II 261  On the night of March 14, 1939, in an apartment on the Zelternergasse in Prague, Jaromir Hladik, author of the unfinished tragedy The Enemies, of a Vindication of Eternity, and of an inquiry into the indirect Jewish sources of Jakob Boehme, dreamt a long drawn out chess game. The antagonists were not two individuals, but two illustrious families. The contest had begun many centuries before. No one could any longer describe the forgotten prize, but it was rumored that it was enormous and perhaps infinite. The pieces and the chessboard were set up in a secret tower. Jaromir (in his dream) was the first-born of one of the contending families. The hour for the next move, which could not be postponed, struck on all the clocks. The dreamer ran across the sands of a rainy desert – and he could not remember the chessmen or the rules of chess. At this point he awoke. The din of the rain and the clangor of the terrible clocks ceased. A measured unison, sundered by voices of command, arose from the Zelternergasse. Day had dawned, and...

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Letter to a Young Lady in Paris by, Julio Cortazar

Letter to a Young Lady in Paris, Julio Cortázar   Other Works By Julio Cortazar Product Title Blow-Up: And Other Stories Blow-Up: And Other Stories Rayuela (Spanish Edition) Rayuela (Spanish Edition) Cuentos Completos / 1 (Cortazar Cuentos Completos) (Spanish Edition) Cuentos Completos Cortazar I (Complete Short Stories 1, Cortazar) (Spanish Edition) (Cortazar Cuentos Completos) Hopscotch, Blow-Up, We Love Glenda So Much (Everyman's Library (Cloth)) Hopscotch, Blow-Up, We Love Glenda So Much (Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics Series) Cronopios and Famas Cronopios and Famas Rayuela (Spanish Edition) Rayuela (Spanish Edition) Clases de literatura (Spanish Edition) Clases de literatura (Spanish Edition) La autopista del sur y otros cuentos La autopista del sur y otros cuentos Andrea, I didn’t want to come live in your apartment in the calle Suipacha. Not so much because of the bunnies, but rather that it offends me to intrude on a compact order, built even to the finest nets of air, networks that in your environment conserve the music in the lavender, the heavy fluff of the powder puff in the talcum, the play between the violin and the viola in Ravel’s quartet. It hurts me to come into an ambience where someone who lives beautifully has arranged everything like a visible affirmation of her soul, here the books (Spanish on one side, French and English on the other), the large green cushions there, the crystal ashtray that...

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