Author: Spencer Campbell

Mr. Campbell’s Top Ten Coolerst Sites of the Week

Mr. Campbell’s Top Ten Coolerst Sites of the Week  a list of cool sites/findings/websites and other things that make you say, “Wow, that is the coolerest.” 1) Have you already carved your pumkins? If not take some advice from Martha Stewart. Check out all of them they are crazy… 2) READ YOUR BOOKCASE                     3)NANOWRIMO PUMP UP LETTER Hello, NaNoWriMo participants! Lauren Oliver here. People often ask me for writing advice, and I say the same thing again and again: the only way to become a writer is to write. Everybody’s process is different, of course, but for me there has been no sudden flash of inspiration, no stylistic leaps forward, no magical formula. I have learned to write by practicing writing every day, just as I learned to cook by cooking (and blackening a lot of pans/setting off a lot of fire alarms in the process); I imagine that if I wanted to learn to play the piano, or tap-dance, I would have to practice those, too. Equally important to the practice of writing is an ability to disable the voices that tell you that writing is impractical or too hard or somehow beyond your reach. It’s as important to write quick drafts, bad drafts, and failed drafts as it is to write successful ones—I honestly believe you can learn...

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