Author: Spencer Campbell

4th and Goal a Moment of Joy

Lunch Duty: the mere mention of it strikes fear into the heart of some administrators. I admit that spending 30 minutes with 3-4 hundred teenagers during lunchtime is a daunting task. As administrators, we have added some small changes that make lunch a lot better. First, we eat lunch with the kids. We spend a few minutes with a small table of kids and talk to them about life, school, and get to know them better. Second, we reinforce positive behavior. Enough said Third, we let them outside to play football, talk, text, play on their phones or just move around. Today I found myself playing backyard football with forty 7th graders. You know the drill. Everyone picks a side and then one student yells “go!” And it turns into a mosh pit off kids running around the grass trying to catch a pass that stays in the air forever. No huddles, No plays, No first downs. It is chaos. Among the chaos, and with a little organization, the kids find joy. I find joy and for a small moment my...

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A Moment of Silence

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind. I didn’t expect them to go by so fast. I have figured out the layout of the building and the daily schedule. I keep my phone on me to remind myself of little “note to self” recordings. There have been few “quiet moments.” Today I found myself in the hallway after morning announcements. The halls were empty, and I stopped for a moment of silence. Shortly after something powerful happened. I could hear classrooms reciting the pledge of allegiance. One started and then another, and then another until I could hear six or seven classes repeating the pledge of allegiance in their individual classrooms. It was a small moment but caused me to reflect on the freedoms and responsibilities I have as an educator and citizen of the United...

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I don’t know, but let’s figure it out together

I don’t know, but let’s figure it out together Click To Tweet This statement contains so many parts and so much encouragement. We are primarily saying I don’t know the answer to your question, or I don’t know how to do what you are asking me to do, but I trust you enough that I am willing to work with you to find out a solution that makes us both happy or solves our problem. How powerful is that? This statement breaks down walls and allows for a safe place for multiple people to create something new. A part of me...

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The Power of a Smile and My First Day as an Assistant Principal

Today was my first day as an assistant principal. Today was filled with stress, unexpected events, a few impromptu meetings, a few emotional kids and parents, a few moments when my sweat glands wouldn’t turn off, and a dozen or so learning experiences. All of this was with a third of the student body in the school. I had memories of my first day of 7th grade at Orem Junior High School in the early 90’s and how difficult those first few days were.  The one thing that got me through the first few days were the smiles of the teachers and their excitement to see new students. I tried my best to smile at every student today and to let them know that our school is a safe place and that I care about them individually. A smile disarms and comforts at the same time. What a powerful tool.    ...

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7 Ways To Encourage Reluctant Boy (or Girl) Readers

I know that moment. The moment of frustration and potential arguments that arise when your son or boy has to read for school or nightly homework. It is a source of contention and eventually a fight. A lot of parents find themselves in this situation on a nightly basis. Typically, the parents cave and sign a nightly reading form, or the child lies and looks at the Sparknotes for their report. As a teacher, I saw this on a regular basis. First, you need to know that you are not alone and that it is possible for you and your son to overcome this struggle. Understand that your child is growing and does not have a limited understanding or a fixed capacity for growth, growth mindset needs to be introduced. The following are seven ways to encourage reluctant boy readers and what we do in our home. Lead by Example  Families or parents that read, generally have kids that read. My father read a lot, he was regularly reading in his library and could be found there most of the time he was home (see below). He would read the newspaper daily and always had a stack of books next to his Lazyboy. I’m not saying that you have to sell your soul to literature and reading, but you’re going to have to pick up a book and show your...

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