Author: Spencer Campbell

Wednesday Mar 12 Pod Video, Argumentative Essay

Far North Argumentative Paper Due Date:  Tuesday March 19th in MyAccess Re-writes and Late Submission are Due:  March 22nd by 4 O’Clock Assess writing skills of each student in the following areas: a. I can write a claim and recognize opposing views. a.I can logically organize reasons and evidence that support a claim(s). b. I can support my logical reasons with relevant evidence. c. I can use words, phrases, and clauses to clearly show how claim(s), reasons, and evidence fit together. d. I can use formal words and language to write about an issue or topic. e. I can end my writing with a concluding statement that backs up the claim(s) in my argument. The final paper will be submitted in My Access no later than March 22nd by 4 oclock The topic’s are Making a decision quickly is dangerous  Your friends should always be involved in your decision-making process....

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