#CelebrateMonday By Trying Something New

I am celebrating Monday by trying something new.  During the last school year, Mr. Steele and I missed a couple of days a month to attend the “Associates” Leadership conference and BYU. It was in conjunction with the S.I.T.E.S. educational partnership between local school districts and the University.  It was a fantastic learning experience. I met new teachers, other administrators, and learned from some great educators at the District level.

A few of us wanted to continue or collaboration efforts after the conference finished. Not only did we want to continue learning from each other, but we wanted to gather other leaders in the district and learn from them as well. This effort is called #JSDLEAD we know that it will start out small but have big plans.  Here is to trying something new!

Here’s what you need to do-
1. Download the FREE app Voxer 
2. Fill out this Google Form
3. Once we know your Voxer username, you’ll be added to the #JSDlead Voxer group!