We just had midterms and as of this moment, we haven’t had any suspensions. Which means, that for five weeks, 1100+ plus students have been pretty darn good. I count myself lucky. While at times I miss the classroom, I couldn’t have asked for a better spot to land as an assistant principal. The community has been great, the teachers and staff have embraced me with open arms, and the students are slowly getting to know me as an administrator.

The leadership team has put some key pieces in place, and I feel those small changes are making a huge difference. They are as follows.

Argue by appointment. Students need to set up a separate time to discuss or “argue” about something they feel is important or necessary. We have asked them to follow reasonable requests by adults.

Schoolwide tardy policy. All students are expected to be in their seats when the bells ring. Teachers are at their doors greeting students and all other adults in the building are in the halls encouraging students to get to class safely.

Cell Phones are off, and accessories are away when students entire the room. If teachers give permission throughout the course of the day or after class starts, then students are allowed to have them out. Students are allowed to have phones out during passing time and during lunch.

Dear. Students are expected to have a book to read daily during dear.


We aren’t perfect, but we are doing our best to keep kids in school.