Exceeding Expecations

Exceeding Expectations

That moment when someone or something exceeds your expectations. It’s magical. It’s amazing, and for a brief moment, we experience bliss. Why is that? Is it because we have lowered our expectations as a society, is it because we are used to not getting what we expect. Think about it.

When I go to McDonalds, I expect speed and for my order to be correct. I don’t expect glowing customer service or an outstanding dining experience. However, when I have to wait in line longer than I was expecting I get a little bit frustrated. Why? Because for most my life, McDonalds has been “fast” food.

Today we visited the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City with a group of students for Falcon Summer Camp. I expected a similar service and experience we had two yeas ago. Today was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. They were not low or even unrealistic my expectations were based on my prior experience.

They met us as soon as the bus doors opened and catered to our every need throughout the day.  They gave the teachers year long return passes and allowed our kids to eat their lunches in the art gallery. They checked in with us, answered all of our questions, and made our overall visit enjoyable. We will return next year. Why? Because they went above and beyond what we expected.

I wonder if we are exceeding our student’s, principal’s, parent’s, spouse’s, or whatever’s expectations. If so, how do we know? If not, how do we know? We should probably start asking.