An Open Letter to the students of Sunset Ridge Middle School

Saying goodbye to 600 plus students is not an easy task. This is why I have not tried to do it in person. I do not want any of you to feel betrayed or tricked. As you have seen over the past week I am not very good at goodbyes. Emotionally, I am truly invested in your future and your well being. Without going into a lot of details… I have been offered a position out of state that my wife and I feel is the best opportunity for our current situation.

The decision has been very difficult. Mostly because of you (the students) and the teachers/administration I work with. Part of growing up is making tough decisions. I still feel like I am continually growing up.

I love each of you so much. I want you know this. I also want you to know that I am still your 7th grade Language Arts teacher and will be more than willing to listen.

Here are a bunch of ways to get a hold of me.

Facebook Fanpage. 

My Website.

Once again you are all amazing.