I had  a few emails from parents asking what Lexile Level Michael Vey : Prisoner of Cell 25 was.

I found  the lexile level on Lexile.com . I am not a Lexile expert, but would put this book at higher than a 5th grade reading level. I think that fifth graders could read it, but there are some allusions and schema that only a middle school or high school students would understand. There are some very science vocabulary filled sections which make some of the text more difficult than a HL500L level book. There are also some high school age jokes and references to flirting and love that I don’t think a lot of fifth graders would understand. Once again, these are just my thoughts and opinions. In a couple interviews with Richard Paul Evans, he states that he wanted to create a clean hero. Go here to check out my full review of Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25.

Michael Vey