Middle Ages Read Aloud Play: The Sword in the Stone PDF

There are 18 parts in this play. If you stop, talk, and point out different parts of the text it should be a two day lesson. Taking two days on this will allow everyone in the class to participate and have a “part”. There are several parts of King Arthurs story that should resinate with the students the most common is the Hero’s Journey and the Archetype of a Hero.  See Below…


The hero usually comes from poor conditions or humble beginnings… Frodo/Bilboa, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss, Superman, King Arthur.

Their is generally a wise or elderly figure that is the hero’s mentor…Gandolf, Dumbledore, Chiron, Haymitch, Jonathon Kent, Merlin …ect.

There are many more that the students will point out. Love interests, a journey or quest, a group of helpers, secret powers, a weakness that becomes a strength ect.

Reading the play also allows the teacher to explain how plays/scripts are written and why the commands are so important.