Huge week for all of us. We have Nanowrimo, Modern Warfare 3, second term starting…. Here are your Top Ten Coolerest sites of the week.

1)  A special thank you to all of the students who sent me gratitude cards. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Very rarely do I get emotional, but to see your thank you’s and appreciative comments made me very emotional. As a teacher, sometimes we don’t get to see the value of our work or the effect it has on students. The gratitude cards were a glimpse into both. Thank You so much, the timing couldn’t have been better. Mr. Campbell


2) NaNoWriMo our old friend is back and kicking.


3) COD MW3  This could arguably be the biggest video game release in the history of videos games. Rumors are that some stores have already started selling it. It is estimated that 16 Million copies will be sold by the end of the year. You guys do the math, that is almost 960 Million dollars in sales alone.

4) Katherine Erskine stopped by the site to say thank you. She is the author of Mockingbird, a National Bool Award Winner, that we recently read for The Book Whisperers. For those of you looking for some NaNoWriMo help her character development is amazing.

5) After recent events Mr. Hamblin wrote about safety, I think all students should take a few minutes and read this. 


6) It has been a few days, but what is the most hated Halloween candy? Here is your answer.

7)  On Monday we start a new quarter, this is a chance to make new decisions and create new habits that will make a you a more successful student. My job is to help. Let me know how I can help you be a better student and global citizen.

8) Eggnog is back and it is my favorite time of year. How do they make Eggnog? What is Eggnog?

9) For you Star Wars fans.

Cool Halloween Pumpkins! - No.1 in MMORPG, MMOG, MMO, Online Gaming Community and Guild Hosting!











10) Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2) by Ally Condie: Book CoverCrossed, the second book in the Matched series by local author @AllyCondie. I have two brand new copies of Matched on my shelf, talk to me on Monday.