Some Cool stuff to get you through the weekend.

1) 11.11.11 Veteran’s Day


2) The first basketball game on an aircraft carrier and how they did it.


3) A follow-up on how ridiculous the sales have been on Modern Warfare 3 

4) Total Word Count for NANOWRIMO, 1,206,326,562 (Yes that is billion) YWP.nanowrimo  123,118,062, (Yes that is 123 Million for the young writers), Gorilla Pod at Sunset Ridge 646,046 from 191 students. That is equal to around 3k per student. You guys amaze me.










6) What Inspires Writers? Their backyards of course. Take a slideshow tour on some of the inspiration sites from some of the greatest books ever written. Who knows? Maybe they will help you.

7) A Killer peanut butter mousse 

8) Speed reading at its best. Great tool. 

9) A review of the new book about Steve Jobs (Apple founder)

10) A appreciate all of you for giving me the amazing feeling of waking up everyday excited about coming to work. Thank You Mr.Campbell