Welcome to the first top ten sites of the week. In these weekend posts I will find really cool stuff! Actually, the coolerest stuff. Education, Music, Video Games, Food, Clothes that sort of thing.

1. Ipad Mini Coming in October.












2. Where does the Sun get its energy?

3. In Provo, Utah you get fined 50$ for throwing snowballs.

4. A Classical Cover of ColdPlay’s “Viva La Vida”

5. Why do we have Labor Day? And why is it important to celebrate?

6. Ever year it seems there is something new as soon as the year begins. Last year it was feathers, the year before it was silicon watches and bracelets, this year it seems to be ear cuffs and neon.

7. Fantastic Remake of 1d using a pulled apart piano.

8. Making research papers more relevant and getting feedback quicker.  I am not a member, and we will not be using this site. However, I am looking into it.  This may be better suited for HS and College students.

9. Build Your Own Machine with Google InPut/Output 

10. Student Work at SRMS. We will start putting up work in the next couple of weeks, look for you art work here.