I am so glad that there are people that still show character and have integrity. You should read the entire article (very short) to understand what happened. Many of the “outside of class” things that I have been teaching all year could be summed up in this one article. We will talk about this in class on Monday.

I owe Paul Millsap a public apology. I owe him this apology because I made an error and not the kind that is easily corrected in a small box on an inside page of a newspaper you may very well never see.

This is a screw up, and this one is all on me. I misquoted Paul Millsap. I heard words that he did not say and I put them in the newspaper. I heard words that were far more damaging than the ones said and I perpetuated an idea that very well may have unfairly damaged the image of an undeserving person.

I got this one terribly wrong, and I am sorry.

— Bill