So I wanted to test to see if Dragon Dictate works in WordPress, which it looks like it does .Which is going to be super-duper awesome. I don’t know if the punctuation will work out correctly, but I am actually not typing this post, I’m speaking into a microphone and having it record my voice. Also awesome! Okay so this would be a lifesaver. Now, I don’t know if this will work all the time, but should work some of the time. Anyway, here’s my review. It has been 20 years since I first well, 22 years since I first bought my first Pearl Jam album. That was December of 1991. I had heard the album from one my best friends, and he had it on tape he let me borrow it. I used some birthday money and Christmas money and bought it that year for Christmas. The first time I heard 10 I was blown way as far as the music guitar solos and the range of music on the album that’s when I first fell in love with Pearl Jam. Ever since then I have been  huge fan. The cool thing is about falling in love with the band, is that you can track your life based on their music and their albums and where you were at certain times in your life. I remember where I was when their second album Vs.  came out I was in ninth grade, and by that time I had a part-time job, so I had enough money to purchase the album the week that it came out. I remember in high school listening to No Code and Vitalogy and I remember when they were released.  Anyway, I didn’t attend my first Pearl Jam concert until 2010 it was a serious deal for me because I had tickets four times previously and not been able to go to the concert. Anyway, this post is a test to see how much I could record and talk and add punctuation along the way of my post .I need to go back and edit now. However, Dragon Dictate is spectacular,  it’s pretty much gotten me word for word.