I can’t tell you exactly how to use these files, but I can share a few ways that we successfully used them.

  • We used them for mini lessons connected with short stories, informational text, narrative text or when comparing two pieces of text. Sometimes we used them with poetry and short stories or had students compare and contrast different characters etc. I taught language arts, but the science and history teachers used them as well.
  • They can be used for students who are reading an entire novel or text. Instead of a book report, or reading checks we would have students select a few of these to turn in as they read the book
  • The QR codes can be connected to whatever site you would like. They do not need to be used, but can if you would like. They are currently connected to my site (MrCampbellRocks.com), but sometimes were connected to YouTube videos see the link or below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTpbNjXSIa8
  • Vocabulary Terms- Each Stop and Write has a literary term that students should be familiar with
  • Self-Monitoring- We really pushed for kids to self-monitor their learning and to think about what they were learning as they were reading. This can be seen in the Main Idea Section and New Knowledge Section
  • I can statements were put together by small teams after the common core came out. These statements are “kid friendly” statements that can be used with any grade level. I taught 7th grade when these were first created and then 9th (we changed the statements) Here is a link to the “I can” statements. http://www.nassauboces.org/page/1940

If you have questions please email me spencer.campbell@jordandistrict.org

Example of QR Code landing page.