Summer Home Work is assigned to help students maintain their current academic levels, as well as help us get a head start going into next year. Please follow the instructions below. If you have questions you can email me  There are five (5) assignments that need to be completed before the first day of school.

Assignment One: Is for both parents and students. is a safe and free way for me to communicate with parents and students outside of the classroom. There is either an email option or text message option. I have learned that the text message option is more effective.

Remind Computer Signup Instructions

Remind Mobile Signup (Apologies, the upload ratio was off a little)


Assignment Two: Is for students. Students will participating in a summer reading contest using Newsela track all of the points and quizzes. The top boy and girl reader will each receive a 25$ gift card to

Here are written instructions, video instructions are below.

Assignment Three: Is for students and is divided up into smaller tasks. We will be using Google Chromebooks in class next year, and I want students to be able to navigate and understand how they all work. They are linked below. Students need to go through the lessons and answer the Self-Check questions as they go through.

Digital Citizenship 7 Mini-Lessons: Link Here  Students will learn what digital citizenship is, its importance, and how to avoid copyright and plagiarism.

Google Docs 6 Mini Lessons  Students will understand Google Docs/Forms/Slides/Sheets

Gmail 8 Mini Lessons Students will be able to navigate Gmail

Assignment Four:

Subscribe to Mr Campbell’s Youtube channel. Link Here I use this for lessons and for days when I have substitutes. Click on the red “Subscribe” button on the right side of the page.

Assignment Five: Write a 500-word essay answering the following question? Explain what “grit” is and whether or not you have it. This will be due the first day of class in the form of a Google Doc.  Here is a video about grit for reference.