Starter (5-10) Minutes

Starter Q and A:
A direct object receives the action performed by the subject. The

verb used with a direct object is always an action verb. Example: The

car hit the tree. To find the direct object, say the subject and verb

followed by whom or what. The car hit whom or what? Tree answers

the question so tree is the direct object.

If nothing answers the question whom or what, you know that there

is no direct object. Example: The car sped past. The car sped whom

or what? Nothing answers the question so the sentence has no direct


The direct object must be a noun or pronoun. A direct object will

never be in a prepositional phrase. The direct object will not equal

the subject as the predicate nominative, nor does it have a linking

verb as a predicate nominative sentences does.

Direct objects may be compound. Example: The car hit the tree and

the fence. The car hit whom or what? Tree and fence answer the

question so tree and fence are the direct objects.

A sentence with a compound verb may have two different direct

objects in it. Example: The dog ate the meat and drank some water.

The direct object for the verb ate is meat, and the direct object for the

verb drank is water. The dog didn’t drink the meat or eat the water.

Instructions: Find the subjects, verbs, and direct objects in these


1. The football player changed his clothes and took a shower.

2. The speaker read his speech and answered some questions.

3. The carpenter fixed the door and painted the house.

4. The little girl played the piano and sang a song.

5. My neighbor mowed his lawn and watered the flowers.

Finish the short answer section from Wednesday (5-10 minutes) When you finish this give it to Mrs. Urquijo so she can keep them organized.

Start/Finish Act 5 some of you already have, which is fine. I want you to finish watching it. (10-15 Minutes)

With the last the last (5-10 minutes) I want you to go back and forth quietly with someone at your table talking about the vocab words. What part of speech the words are, Shakespeare’s meaning vs. modern day meaning, what are the roots of the word, draw pictures of the vocabulary word, create sentences with your partner using the word, give me different tenses or “versions” of the word.

Remember: Vocabulary is the best single indicator of intellectual ability and an accurate predictor of success at school. — W.B. Elley

I love and miss you guys. Mom and baby are healthy. Mr. Campbell