At this time of year students are looking for their backpacks, getting new school clothes, purchasing school supplies, and dusting of their brains.

I enjoy summer as much as anyone, but have begun to notice the lack of reading that students do over the summer. Even in my own home, where we try to read every night to our children, summer rears its ugly head. I know that there is a small group of ravenous readers who read all the time. I just wanted to share some quick thoughts on reading and its life long importance.

1. Reading is fundamental to function in today’s society.

2. Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job.

3. Reading is important because it develops the mind.

4. Why is reading important? It is how we discover new things.

5. Reading develops the imagination.

6. In line with the above, reading develops the creative side of people.

7. Reading is fundamental in developing a good self image.

8.Good reading skills, especially in a phonics reading program, improve spelling.

9. Reading improves writing skills.

10. Reading creates thinkers, and thinkers change the world.

11. 11. Finally, why is reading important? Reading is important because words – spoken and written – are the building blocks of life.