This activity is designed to help students understand and read informational text, increase critical thinking skills, understand argumentative writing, create world awareness, compare and contrast opposing sides, and analyze information.

 This is something I am looking at doing in 2013-2014 and will run through at the end of this year. I think reading text for purpose will help kids a lot. 

I got this idea from Kelly Gallagher a teacher, writer, and education specialist from California. Each week students will read a current events article and then perform any number of activities related to the article.

They will be listed below by week in numerical order.














Monday August 29th No Article

Monday September 5th. Labor Day no Article

Monday September 12th 6 articles group share

Monday September 19th Elizabeth I (Read Magazine) Scan

Monday September 26th “You’re mad Your’e on You Tube” 

Monday October 3rd “Assassinations in American History

Monday October 10th You Tube Clip “Three words to the World” 

Monday October 17th  “Should we have a Latino museum?

Monday October 24th “How I finally taught the big guy a Lesson”

Monday October 31st  (No Article Yet NANOWRIMO?)

Monday November 7th No Article- NANOWRIMO

Monday November 14th No Article- NANOWRIMO

Monday November 21st No Article- NANOWRIMO

Monday November 28th No Article- NANOWRIMO

Monday December 5th  The Great Blogging Ethics Debate Washington Post 

Monday December 12th Do States Need Deaf Schools? Give Parents a Choice 

Monday December 19th Presentations Due No Article

Monday January  9th Preventing Cruelty on the Farm 

Monday January  16th No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday January  23rd When the Goal Is Successful Kids

Monday January 30th Why was America Reluctant to Enter World War II?

Monday February 6th Who Is Rosie the Riveter?

Monday February 13th Auschwitz Survivor Shares Story. 

Monday February 20th No School

Monday February 27th Saving Species With Climate Changes 

Monday March 5th Super Size Humans (Need Link)

Monday March 12th Should You Trust Calorie Counts? “Accuracy is Important” 

Monday March 19th  Not Just What, But How Much

Monday March  26th No Article No School

Monday April 2nd When Science Goes Psychic— A Miracle if True 

Monday April 9th No School

Monday April 16th Do Body Scanner Make Us Safer? 

Monday April 23rd Young Adult Fiction—-Breaking Down the ‘System’

Monday April 30th Testing Students to Grade Teachers “A Dangerous Obsession” and “Costly But Worth It” (Debate

Monday May 7th No Article CRT’s

Monday May 14th Why Did Wild Nail Polish Go Mainstream? “The New Lipstick”

Monday May 21st Facebook and the French Resistance “I’m Moving to France” and “Coca-Cola Was a Threat Too”

Monday May 28  No School