I have two students who are learning English from the beginning (aren’t we all). They are new to our school and are learning quickly. I am amazed at how quickly they have been able to pick up on the basics. On another note, my Spanish is horrible. Many of the students make fun of me and say that when I speak Spanish it sounds like I have an Italian accent.
Mind you, I am not speaking Spanish but merely quizzing these students about the English translations of Spanish words i.e. verbs, days of the week, numbers, etc. Whatever resources I an get my hands on.

I have tried to imagine the feeling of moving to a new country and learning a new language, as well as adapting to a new culture. Not to mention, a new education system and all of the inadequacies I would feel about being a teenager in a new school. They are doing so well. They are happy and from what I can tell they both enjoy school and have made friends.

As my students continue to tease me about my Spanish or lack thereof, one thing I can hang my hat on, is the fact that they know I care.