One of the great things about a new school year, is the chance that all of us get to make a good impression.

As a teacher, the new school year brings the opportunity of change. I can change any of my lesson plans, habits, intervention methods, quizzes, and assignments. I can change the look and feel of my classroom, and how I plan to teach my students. This is also a great time of year for students and parents to put their best foot forward.

Students can be more outgoing, friendlier, read more, and be more committed towards learning. I think that 7th grade is a great time to find out more about you as a person and start the maturing process. If homework was a struggle for you last year, you can recommit to being better this year. If there was a certain group of friends that you felt helped you get better grades you can choose to hang around them more.

As the new school year begins, parents also have the opportunity to make a good first impression. Parents can show commitment towards their child’s education. They can also communicate concerns with teachers, and set specific goals with their child.  I enjoy meeting parents and working together to make sure that their child gets exactly what they need to succeed.

I love this time of year, because everyone gets a fresh start. Teachers, students, and parents all have a chance to make a good first impression.