Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting my site. I built this site as a tool for you and your student to reach his/her academic goals. My number one purpose in teaching your child is to help them be successful in school. I feel my job, as a teacher, is not only to teach Language Arts, but also to be a good role model. I want to be a good example of how a “grown-up” should act while having a good time.


Student Teacher Parent Triangle

Parent-Teacher-Child Triangle

It has been said many times that,  “It takes a village to raise a child.“(African Proverb) I agree with this statement. I feel that together we can help your child be successful. I also believe in responsibility and character. I believe that every student is accountable for their own decisions and actions.  I also understand that all students are still developing mentally, socially, emotionally, and trying to figure out who they are. I know that for some of you this is your first time dealing with Junior High, for others you have done this many times.

Here is my syllabus for the 2014-2015 School year.