This is three years worth of changing, molding, switching, revamping. Thanks to the three other teachers that helped create and compile all of this information. Take it as you will and please attribute appropriately. We used Far North as our text and Argumentative Writing as mode of writing and really focused on having the kids learn how to identify the Main Idea and Theme.

Here is a link to the Public Google Driver Folder as well for Common Core Survival Unit Plans. 

These are all of the Downloads.

This is an article about taking risks with a questionaire  at the end. If you like stop and writes this is a fantastic article to get things started before reading Far North. _Risky Business_ article – taking risks

Argumentative Text

Compare Contrast informational text

far north anticipation guide

Far North Calendar 2013

Far North chapter summaries f

ar north simile and metaphor hunt

far north survival travelogue

far north vocabulary

Gradebook Makeup of 3rd quarter

Inferences man called raven

Lesson Plans. Survival

letter to future

Performance Assessment – Survival

Places in Far North

Problem Solution informational text

Reading Standards Rubrics RL 7.2 Theme Assessment C

Simile hunt

Similes and Metaphors

Summary Skills Assessment

Survival pretest key

Survival pretest

Survival Unit Argumentative Graphic Organizer Survival Unit Vocabulary

Themes in Far North

Types of Conflict.ppt

Unit Overview